Understanding Sacrifice & Philosophy

The idea of sacrifice is very familiar to many faiths across the world and especially in India. It is important to understand the true meaning of sacrifice, where one realises that core meaning is to sacrifice ‘oneself’ for the good of others. All steps taken starts with getting control of our mind and finally working for the good of others.

Shruti & Smriti proclaim in Rig Veda that that Sri Krishna through formal sacrifice created living beings, bringing separate portions of Himself, who will endeavour to develop all His powers in an infinite variety of forms. This is the first mention of sacrifice — the pouring out of life for the benefit of others.

Human beings give away possessions of theirs to others in the hope of better times for themselves and then slowly give up desire in the hope of better times on the other side of life. This growth in spirituality is what is aimed through sacrifice.

One of the many nuances of Dharma is also to recognise this inter-dependence with other lives. Mature beings look at the unsaid debts to be paid. As we all live ON others, we must equally live FOR others. This is beyond the duty to family, dear and near.

Laws of sacrifice in every faith is to finally adhere to the laws of liberation


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