Inner Silence | What Next

3 min readNov 12, 2020


Have been through a process of Past Life Regression (PLR), where through hypnosis and a closely supervised intervention, individuals are able to access their past lives.

People who experienced a near death experience talk about moving through a tunnel of very bright light before being pulled back to human consciousness. These are documented in established books like — Journey of the Souls by Michael Newton or Many Lives Many Masters, Brian Weiss.

There are records of departed souls known to meet friends and relatives. Then comes a process led by a guide of analysing the life just led. What many think is a panel handing judgments is just your own self drawing conclusions.

How much can a soul determine the actions of the host body? Newton’s surprise conclusion is that human emotions or the mind can usurp the voice of the soul or what we call conscience. A soul by itself is never evil but human ego and the circumstances we find ourselves in, sometimes pushes us to destruction.

Souls in their Karmic way then choose circumstances to repay and repent their mistakes, for their next life. So what then is the purpose of life on earth? It is very clear from many scriptures that it is only for the self-actualization of the soul identity.

The most logical question then is, why don’t we know about previous lives so we can build on them. It is there, the map to previous lives is in our soul which is the only connector to past lives and enquiring into it through meditation or other techniques gives us answers. This will give us the true purpose on how to live as the soul wants us to.

Suffering was not created for its own sake, but to spur us to new heights, through the dissatisfaction of status quo. Life was not designed to go through with ease. Challenges if met well are what makes the souls grow and mature.

The soul belongs to a God and Human body belongs to nature. Free will is what humans have in this construct which non-humans do not have. That free will chooses either the pleasures of the body and keeps coming back or the realisation of the soul and thereby liberation or emancipation.

None of these need to be accepted as blind truth. They are available through experiences for you and me even now. If you keep an open mind, there are several startling truths to discover.




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