5 Attributes of the Atman | Consciousness | Soul

Nov 20, 2020

Every Vedantic philosopher will tell you that you are nothing but the consciousness (Atman) and a part of the Supreme. You are not the body, not the mind, not the intellect. So what are the attributes of this Atman?

  1. It has no beginning and no end. it is eternal. As it finishes one life in your body, it moves to another, the exact same with all the experiences and the Karma. The so called end is when it is finally liberated from re-birth.
  2. It has no form. It does not burn or bury along with any body.
  3. The same consciousness in you is in another person, the ant or a lion. It does not grow in size as you grow.
  4. By its nature, consciousness is always in bliss (beyond happy). Karma reduces the happiness as it is in bondage of life and the soul keeps coming back, taking one body after another to complete its Karma.
  5. It is located in the deepest burroughs of the heart and smaller than the size of a grain of sand. Yet when it comes, life comes and when it goes, that signifies the end.

How many of us see our identity as just our consciousness? Buddha took 500 lifetimes to get to liberation of Atman….the journey from Gautama to Buddha




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